Group of Neuroplasticity and Regeneration

The research activities of the Group focus on the study of physiopathological mechanisms of neural lesions, neuropathic pain and neurodegeneration, and on the application of novel therapeutic strategies for regenerating traumatic and degenerative lesions of the nervous system.

The members of the group have combined expertise in microsurgery, neurophysiology, rehabilitation, morphology, cell culture, cellular and molecular neurobiology, bioelectronics and immunology.

The group has established cooperative research in clinical neurosciences, particularly on new nerve repair therapies with the Hospital Clinic of Barcelona, in modulation of neural plasticity after brain and spinal cord lesions with the Institute Guttmann of Neurorehabilitation, and in motoneuron diseases and neuropathies with the Hospital of Bellvitge.


The main research lines of the Group are devoted to:

  • Regeneration and reinnervation after peripheral nerve injuries
  • Development of biocompatible artificial nerve grafts, including cell transplants
  • Physiopathology and treatment of neuropathic pain
  • Activity-dependent therapies for enhancing axonal regeneration and functional recovery after nerve lesions
  • Repair of spinal root avulsion injuries by surgical reimplantation and pharmacological neuroprotection
  • Etiopathogenic mechanisms and neuroprotective treatments in peripheral neuropathies induced by diabetes and by anti-tumoral agents
  • Cellular and molecular mechanisms of motoneuron diseases
  • Neuroinflammatory responses in neurodegeneration induced by central nervous system lesions and demyelinating diseases
  • Cell, gene and drug based therapies for the repair of spinal cord injuries
  • Neuromodulation of neural plasticity for promoting functional restitution in spinal cord lesions
  • Neural interfaces for neuroprostheses in rehabilitation of the injured nervous system
  • Epigenetics for neuroprotection and regeneration after traumatic injuries of the nervous system